Letter to the Principal to inform the inability to participate in the Inter School Kabaddi tournament

To ,


 XYZ School


Subject: - Inability to participate in Inter School Kabaddi Tournament


             With humility, I want to remind you that my right foot got hurt while playing football on the school playground on last Friday.

      I want to inform you that I am one of the kabaddi players who have been selected as the players of the upcoming zonal kabaddi tournament.  I am treating Dr. Sethi .  I have consulted him in this regard.  They have advised me a full bedrest for ten days.

         You know that there is only one week left in the zonal kabaddi tournament.  Apart from me you can organize some other player, this is my humble request to you so that the school team is not harmed.

 Sorry for the inconvenience.

 your student
 Anuj Trivedi
Roll number - .............. .

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