Education for All -English Paragraph Wrriting

Education for All

Education is most for leading a proper life. An educated person is like a man who grows in the dark as he is ignorant about his duties and right. He is subjected to exploitation by cunning persons. Naturally the knowledge of all an illiterate man about the word he is limited. Therefore, he's unable to meet proper planning for himself and his family for the future. His dependents will have to suffer due to his voice sometimes for a long time.

The adverse effects of illiteracy are not confined of domestic front alone. In a democracy the wisdom of the electorate decides the destiny of a country. If the people are educated they will send the right persons to represent them. It will strengthen the democracy. Woman education is also very important because if a woman is educated she will be able to look after the entire family properly. We should all cooperated with the government in order to make education for all a great success.

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