English Story - The Dog and The Manger

The Dog and The Manger

The Dog and The Manger, dog and cow story
The Dog and The Manger

There was a stray dog. One day he was wondering in a village. It was noon. He looked for a place for the midday nap. He reached a castle shed. There he saw a manger. It was full of green grass.

                 the dog curlef himself up on the Green Grass and went to sleep. He kept lying there for sometime then the cows and goats of the farmer came to the cattle shed. They reached the Manger and lined in front of it. They got ready to eat the green grass. the dog began to bark angrily at the animals the cows and the goats got frightened lest the dogs should bite them. 

    So they stopped back in fear and surprise. The dog felt encouraged when the animals  withdrew. He began to bark louder at the animals. He would not allow the hungry animals to reach out to the green grass. All the cows and goats hung their heads in despair. One of the cows said to the dog. You cannot eat fress grass. So why dont you let us eat it. The dog only growled and kept sitting in the manger. All the cows and goats called him mean and stupid.

Moral:- Treat others, comforts as your own comfort.

Stray- आवारा । Nap- अल्प निद्दा । Manger- नांद चरनी खोर । growled- गुर्राया

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