Who Will Bell the Cat

Who Will Bell The Cat 

Cat and Mouse Story

Once Upon a Time many mice lived in a farmer's store house. It was full of grains of all kinds. They never remind hungry but lived a healthy and happy life. Many weeks is in this way one day the farmer's wife came to the store house to get some grains. She saw a whole Army of rat there. 

              She decided to get a cat in order to end the menace of the Rat. The cat arrived here the very next day. The mice scurried away to their holes whenever the cat reached the storehouse. The slow rats become the cats prey. Killing  of some rats everyday because the cats routine. The surviving rats got scared of the cat. So they had a meeting to save their lives. The rats paid  homage to those companions that had been killed by the cat. Many mice made long speeches in vain.

       A young mouse spoke that the cat approachef quietly and killed many of them. If they tied a bell round her neck. They would hear her coming and run to safety. Most of the rats declared it as the perfect solution and praised the young mouse. Just then, an old mouse asked them, Who will bell the cat?. Every mouse made excuses and the meeting was over without any solution.

Moral:- It is easier said than done.

Vocabulary:- Grain: अनाज । Menace-खतरा । scurried- तेजी से भागना । prey - शिकार । Scared- भयभीत । Homage- श्रदांजली

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