Write a Letter to Stationery Company asking him Rates of Stationery Items

English letter format

Wonderful Company
13 January 2019,
the Sales Manager,
Ideal Stationery company
New Delhi.

Subject:- Rates and terms for Supply of  Stationery The Wonderful Company items.

Dear Sir, 

          We shall feel great pleasure if you send us the price list of these items and conditions for their delivery.

S.No. Name Stationery Item. Specification

1. White paper ruled- Sunbrand
2. Copy pencils           - Natraj
3. Couler Pencil.         - Rayon
4. Drawing Sheets      - Neeligagan
5. Blue black Ink        - Sulekha
6. Drawing Boards.    - Neelkamal
7. Colour Boxes.         - Rattan

The rates should include the sales tax and conveyance charge etc. We would only place a bulk order for these items only if your terms and conditions suits us. Waiting for an early reply. 

Your faithfully
Rama kant
Purchase Officer

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