Letter to the Principal bringing to his notice some improvements that would like to be made in your school

To ,
The Principal
XYZ School
New Delhi

Subject:- Improvements needed in the School

                  would you please excuse me for the liberty, I am taking for advancing certain suggestions for the improvement of the school I have joined your school last week. the extra ordinary ability of the teaching staff and the superfine behaviour of my schoolmates have impressed me deeply. I am all praise for them Yours is avowedly an Ideal school.

However the school canteen and the school library are in horrible conditions. The school canteen is a living example of hell. All sorts of rubbish and stale eatables are served here especially to the students. The kitchen of the canteen is a picnic spot for flies and rates. The eatables are not only ill cooked but are also kept uncovered.

     Similar is the condition of the school library. The library is ill equipped. The daily newspapers, periodical magazines and good books written by standard authors especially in science and Illerature are practically non existent in our lying. most of the books are in a miserable condition and are ling in the shelves in a hotch potch manner. There is no proper seating arrangement even for the teaching staff.
    I, therefore, request your goodself to take immediate and personal steps to improve the nauseatic conditions in the school canteen and pitiable conditions in the school library. 

   I think, It would be gainful if the help of the senior class students is taken to run these two important organs of the school smoothly.

Thanking you

yours obediently

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