Write a Letter to the Principal requesting him to send your Provisional and Character Certificate by Post.

You are Amit living at 23 Dampier Park, Mathura. Write a letter to your Principal XYZ School, asking gor a Charecter Certificate.

The Principal
XYZ School
Mathura City, U.P

Subject :- Request for Sending Provisional and Character Certificate.

            I May Submit that I studied in Your School for five years, from 1994 to 1999. I took my Senior School Certificate Examination through your school in March, 1999. My Board's Roll No was 2657. My Class teacher in class XII C (Commerce Group) was Mr. Shashi Kumar.

         I was the best athlete and the headboy of the school. I was also the member of the School Football Eleven and brought laurels to the school many a time. I also took keen interest and participated in all the Co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the school.

            I wish to apply for the post of a typist clerk and need the Provisional and Charecter Certificate for the same.

           Sir, I would have come personally to collect the above certificate but I am helpless. I cannot travel by any means as I have not been keeping fit for the past many weeks. Moreover, the medical officer has advised me to take bedrest for a fortnight.

       Therefore, it is requested that my Provisional and Charecter Certificate may please be sent to me either by post or through the peon by hand and oblige.

      I hope you will do me this favour and oblige.

Thanking you

Yours Respectfully


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