How To Start- A Way Of Starting The Day - Gagar Me Sagar

For taking the success, always remember two things -

     A) Well start means half done.
     B) All well if ends well.

    So for better start of any work , start your day with the prayer of God to pay the thanks for each and every thing given by him.

           Past has gone , whether it was good or bad. Further is uncertain, we don't know about it. So each and every thing is Present . We should live in our present with full enthusiasm. Another name of present is gift also. So , we can say present is a gift of God to us.

          We are lucky that by the grace of lord we entered in the new day because there are many persons in world, who couldn't see the sun of today. If you don't believe , you can see today's newspaper or see them in any funeral ground.

      So, start the day with smiling face and gratitude to God. Pay him a bundle of thanks for providing you many things to live & this great body to live the life. So enjoy the day , starting with a beautiful prayer.

Written by Gulshan jagga

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