The Lame Excuses || English Kids Story || Short English Motivational Story

The Lame Excuses 

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The Lame Excuses 

Once of wolf was laping water at the head of a brooke when he found a lamb quenching his thirst some distance down the stream. He decided to eat the lamb but wanted to have an excuse for killing him.  He snarld (गुर्राया) at the lamb and said 

"How dare you make my water muddy I am going to kill you for it". 

"How it is possible when the water is Flowing from you to me" argued the lamb. 

"Now I understand you were the same lamb who used to spared the rumors about me a years ago" said the wolf.

"My dear sir I was not even born then" replied the lamb.  

"Then it was your father it makes no difference" saying this the wolf pounced upon the poor lamb and killed him instantly.

Moral:-  Any excuses is good enough for a weak person or might is right.

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