Write a Letter to editor of a Newspaper to create an awareness among the Masses about Pollution hazards

Write a Letter to editor of a Newspaper to create an awareness among the Masses about Pollution hazards.

444 Pahar Ganj
Sadar bazar
New Delhi

The Editor,
The Times of India,
New Delhi

Subject:- Awareness Among Masses about Pollution Hazards.

Sould I take the liberty of using the columns of your esteem daily to create an awareness among the masses about pollution hazards? 

     The problem of the pollution is engaging the attention of the sane and sensible people in developed as well as developing countries. Pollution means the contamination of the elements of air water and earth. The pressure of over growing population is poluting the air that we breathe. The chimney smoke and the Fames from petrol driven cars and truks and thick smog during winter are adding a great deal to air pollution.
    There are millions of vehicles in every metropolitian city which burn petrol or diesel. Besides there are factories and thermal power plants which use coal and vitate the atmosphere. As a result, the people dont get enough oxygen and develop breathing and bronchial problems. The envirnmental imbalances have brought about a grave threat to the survival of the human race.

    The forests are being cruelly destroyed. Forest and fossil fuels should not be allowed to be used for cooking purposes. A ban should imposed on the felling of trees, and removing of the green cover and destruction of wild life and flora dince they result in scanty rainfall and change of seasons. 

    The Infustrial effuents have polluted even the water of the holy revers. The carbon monoxide emitting from the factories has contributed to the golbal warming or the green house effect. This has depleted the Ozone layer. Earth has also been polluted by the polluted water which is used in irrigation andand the garbage used as manure. The industrial wastes must be pollution free and smoke smoke screened. Pot plantation should be encouraged. 

         It is the crying need of the hour to take early steps in maintaining the ecological balance of nature and curbing the pollution hazards. I hope the slumbering authorities and the masses will grid up their loins to grapple with this fatal situation. 

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

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