The Game You Like Most or Your Favorite Game.

Outline:  The Game You Like Most

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The Game You Like Most or Your Favorite Game.

1- Introduction
2- Description
3- Resion of my liking
4- Conlusion.

Introduction-  The Game You Like Most

Men differ in taste  and temperament.  One men's food may other's poison.  What you like,  I may dislike.  What I like, you may not like.  Some like cricket.  Some like football or hockey.  My favorite game is Kabaddi.  It is very dear to me.

Description-  The Game You Like Most

Kabaddi  is an Indian game.  It is played  in the open Air.  Equal number of players are divided in two parties. A line is  drawn in the center of the field.  The players take their position.  When the whistle goes off,  the game begins. 

A player of one side goes into the opposite side calling kabaddi kabaddi. . He tries to touch any player of the other tham and tries to return to his team.  On the other hand if he fails,  his opponents score a point.  In this way the game continues.  The team that scored more points within the appointed time, wins the macth. 

Reasons of my liking-  The Game You Like Most

Reasons of my liking are giving below. 

1. It is an Indian game.  So it is more suitable to us in our environment.

2-Its rules are clear and simple.  There is no need take the help to the third umpire like cricket. In cricket,  hockey and football two umpires and needed. But in kabaddi only one umpire is quite enough.

3- It is not costly and dangerous like cricket.  Any open and level ground is quite sufficient. No wickets, ball or paraphernalia are needed in kabaddi.

4-There is no wastage of time.  In cricket,  a test match tales five days to complete. Sometimes eight to hours are devoted.  On the other hand a kabaddi match is over within an hour or so.

5- It fills team spirit in us.  It makes us healthy. It is amusing as well as exciting.

6- There is no fixed number of players. Any even number of players can play kabaddi. Sometimes only two players and quite enough.

Conclusion: The Game You Like Most

On account of the above-  mentioned reasons. I like Kabaddi very much. In India,  Kabaddi is most popular game among the villages..

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