English Story - The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse

Lion or mouse ki kahani, The lion and the mouse
The Lion and the Mouse

One day a Lion was sleeping under a tree. A mouse playing on the branches slipped and accidentally fell on the lion. It disturb the Royal sleep. The lion flew into a rage and caught hold of the intruder with his mighty paw. He was going to kill the mouse when the tiny creature shaking spoke, "Oh my Lord spare my life. It wasn't a deliberate Act. My feet slipped and I fell off from the branch. I sincerely apologize apologies for this mistake. Please forgive me killing me will do you no good. The lion fell pretty for the mouse and felt him go. Before running away the mouse did not forget to say thank you my Lord. I will return you to this kindness one day. The lion laugh loudly thinking that what favor such a small creature could do for the king of beasts . Then one day as a lion was wondering near a hill He was caught in a net cast by hunters . Though he was tried as well as he could he could not free himself. Our mouse living in a nearby hole heard his desperate Roars. He came with his friends and cut the net before the hunter came. The lion was freed. When he muttered thankd to the mouse, the mouse said with all humility. "You need not thank me Lord. I was only returning your kindness." 

Moral One Good turn deserves another

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