English Essay - Value of Discipline in Life

Discipline means perfect obedience to a senior's authority. It is essential in every organised movement. Disobedience is unparadonable in educational and military organisations. Discipline is strictly enforced in the army. The slightest breach is severely dealt with because it may cause havoc to the national security.
      The biggest example of discipline is the nature herself. By her action nature has told is that "where there is discipline there is beauty and joy". Stats, Earth Sun and other heavenly bodies move around each other ina disciplined manner. There is a clock work precision in the setting of seasons every year. Neither the heavenly bodies nor the season interfere in each other's path of movement. Each has a defined motion which does not cross the other's path.
  If the entity gave the birth to all of us can be regulated and disciplined then why can not the human beings be like her with discipline comes mental and moral strenght, which in the long run is the key to our success, prosperity and development. Besides, man is a social animal. Hence regulated behaviour is absolutely necessary for a harmonious and peaceful co-existence. When we move around in the society, discipline becomes an integral part of our interaction with others.
          Numerous waves of individualism and liberal behaviour have swept our word. Please who support it say that all rules and regulations should be removed and man should be set free to do as he pleases. Advocates of this view also believe that freedom should be without restrictions. They want to live the life they wish.  No one should question them on their actions. In other words it means that if They want to jump from a building they should be allowed to do so. Or if they want to paint themselves instead of wearing clothes, they should not be stopped.
              But this can only happen if they are free of society. However it is not posible. Therefore while they are living in the society they have to abide by its rules. Even while enjoying the freedom of expression and thought they must behave in a well disciplined manner otherwise their behaviour will create choas in the society. This will produce anarchy in the society.
        Discipline needs self control. One who cannot control himself can hardly control others. One had to sacrifice. One's individuality to the common interest of the community. Forced discipline deprived the subordinate of his will and thinking power. He become more as a machine and grows less as a human being. Discipline is the only path to true freedom. Our will must decide the action. Self discipline alone enables you to control others by controlling yourself.

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