Difference Between Letter And Application ||लेटर और एप्लीकेशन में अंतर

Difference between Letter and Application-


Letter -

1) A letter you write because you replying someone or knowing about someone life and what is happening in life of someone.

2) letter is defined in two type - formal letter and informal letter.

3) In formal letter you have to mention the subject.

4) In letter writing you can explain purpose more means in letter writing you write purpose more then one or two paragraph.

5) formal letter used when writing school essays, cover letter for job application, emails and letter at work. Means formal letter write for profession or work.

6) informal letter used when communicating With friends, family, children and relative.


1) application is written to apply for something .means when we want to apply job , holiday then write application.

2) when we write application then there is no any subject section. Means in Applicaion do not need to mention subject.

3) while writing an application , summarize your purpose . Means when you write an application don't explain the purpose of writing application.

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