English Essay A Small Family is a Happy Family.

English essay a small family is a happy family

English essay a small family is a happy family, english essay

English essay a small family is a happy family

Today when over-population is putting the tremendous pressure on Nature resources more and more people are realizing the need of having small families. Large families are fraught with big problems. Parents will have a struggle hard to earn enough money for the family expenses. Children in such families do not get proper love and care nor do they get proper education. Thus their future becomes bleak. Most of the large families have to face financial difficulties.
              When the children have to leave in a starvation or poverty. Life will seems to be a big sorrow for them, on the other hand children of small families which have not more than two children get proper parental care and education. As their needs are easily fulfilled they acquire adequated mental and physical growth. for them life is a cheerful experiences there for adopting small family Norms is the interests of both individuals and Nations.

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