Why are Tree Leaves Green, Why They Do Not Dry in the Sun

Why are Tree Leaves Geen, Why They Do Not Dry in the Sun


Why are Tree Leaves Geen, Why They Do Not Dry in the Sun
Why are Tree Leaves Geen, Why They Do Not Dry in the Sun

  The leaves of the tree are soft, and weak. The question is that when the skin of humans burns in a short period of time, in strong sunlight, why do the leaves turn green. There is a very simple answer to this question. There is no effect of sunlight on the leaves of the trees. Because they are born to withstand the sun's strong rays.


Where does the Green Color in the Leaves of Trees Come From


In fact, plants have their own green salts i.e chlorophyll which transform photosynthetic energy into chemical energy and perform photosynthesis or photosynthesis but if seen experimentally, blue, green, red and yellow light Trees have different effects on plants which are made in artificial environment but the light coming from the sun is the same for everyone and the green leaves easily capture it and perform photosynthesis.


Are only sun rays sufficient for photosynthesis in Plants


For the process of photosynthesis, only sunlight is not enough, for this, CO2 i.e. carbon dioxide and H2o i.e. water is also necessary. Carbon dioxide is obtained and absorbed in place of plants. Thus, photosynthesis takes place in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll and carbohydrates, oxygen and water are formed. So both these actions are necessary to maintain the balance of life on earth. The other is impossible without one. Therefore, plants and animals are necessary for each other.


Understand in simple words


The color of the leaves of the tree is not affected due to the light of the sun, but the tree provides green color to the leaves from inside so that it can take food from the rays of the sun. As long as the leaves are green, the tree is able to take food from the sunlight. When the work of the leaves is completed, the tree removes the green element in it and the leaves dry up and fall to the ground. Everything is caused by trees, not by the sun.

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