A Moral Story - The Farmer and His Sons

The Farmer and His Sons

A Moral Story - The Farmer and His Sons
A Moral Story - The Farmer and His Sons


A farmer and his dead bed - two sons - both lazy - told them at the time of death of a treasure hidden in the vineyard - began to dig the vineyard - found nothing - but yeildings from the vineyard improved - learnt to work .

Once there was a farmer. He had two sons. Both of them were very lazy and did not do any work.  they wasted their time in the company of friends loitering or chatting. they returned home only at the time meals. All efforts of the old man to persuade them to mend their ways failed. One day he became ill and knew that his end was near.

He called his two sons and said,

"My dear sons, I am going to die. I know you havent learnt any work. I have buried all my earnings in the vineyard so that you can lead a comfortable life with it after my death".

soon after the old man died. When the sons exhausted all means of living they decided to dig out the treasure from the vineyard. They worked with their spades and ploughs, but could not find any treasue. However, the vine improved by the digging and ploughing and yielded a good harvest. The lazy sons realized the importance of hard work and gave up their laziness.


The fruits of lalbour are sweeter than the gifts of God.

Vocabulary :

Loitering - आवारा घूमना
Mend - सुधारना
Comfortable - आरामदायक
Treasure - खजाना


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