Eassy On Role Of Mother In Child's Future In English


Eassy On Role Of Mother In Child's Future In English.

A mother's love is unconditional and endless, a love that never dies.  It is the purest and devoted form of love that no one ever experiences.

         The mother is the first teacher because apart from being pampered and nurtured by the mother, she also teaches her children moral and cultural values.  A mother can take care of her child as well as do everything from home and outside.  There is a famous saying that only a woman and she too, especially a mother, transforms a house into a livable house.  The mother has a huge contribution in the life of a child. The mother dedicates her whole life for the future of her child.  A mother has a big role to play in the future of a child.

           whether we are adults or married, but Mother always sees us as a child, she takes care of our needs as she did in childhood.  Our mothers often sacrifice their interests and hobbies for our upbringing.  Mother is such a personality who tries to make our life  as easy as possible by earning all her knowledge to build our personality.

 Importance of a mother-

 Mother is a woman with a highly responsible personality.  A mother makes every effort to facilitate the life of her child, which is possible for her.  They definitely play a very important role in development of a child's life.  The most important is that mothers play a big role in determining the child's attitude.  Whether the child will be good or bad in the future depends on the mother.  The moral values ​​taught by the mother probably play a big role.  Individuals often remember their mother's values ​​until old age.  Therefore, the mother has a big contribution in the well being of the society.  The future of society at large is the result of a mother's teaching.

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