Nowadays, discipline is used to mean such words as are the synonyms of the English word 'discipline' in Hindi. If we study the word 'discipline' in Random House's dictionary, we find that it has been defined as, "to bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control." Thus, discipline is the conformance to that system (or set of rules), which is established by an organisation. That organisation can belong to the government; besides, schools, colleges, committees or unions can define some systems or rules.

Hence, students are expected to obey those rules, systems or laws that have been made by the officials of colleges/schools or those that have been fixed through a system that has been recognised by the government. India is a developing nation surrounded by problems, where the right direction of education has not been fixed even after more than five decades of independence. Here, we have education shops where fees are taken at will and curriculums are also finalised at will. 

अशोक की धम्म नीति पर एक निबंध

It is a good sign that the government has also specified books on some subjects on its own, which are mandatory to be taught in public schools. Amidst these intricacies, problems and busy schedules, if an Indian student does not follow the path of study, ignores the rules and regulations and becomes habitual of violating the systems since his childhood, is not able to do anything in future.

Discipline is a way of leading an ideal life. This path is made during the student life. If during the student life, good habits are inculcated, the objective is known  and the student is able to realise the importance of his life, then such a student certainly moves towards the goal of success; that is because he has learned how to make the best use of time. 

Remaining in discipline and maintaining a disciplined environment are the primary duties of a student. Student life is the most precious part of the life of a man. Each and every moment student life is very useful. Only that student can make good use of these moments who remains disciplined. The first step of discipline is obeying the orders of parents (in the family) and teachers.

How To Celebrate Eid-Ul_Fitar Essay in India - ईद-उल-फितर पर निबंध

In the school/college, obeying the teachers, giving complete attention to studies  and giving full attention to home work at the right time and finally, carefully absorb in the education being given in school are the vital tasks to be carried out by the student. Whiling away one's time in the cafeteria of school or college, consuming tea or coffee, watching movies and banking classes to move about aim lessly are the activities that make a mockery of the student life. These lead to wastage of one's time. Nowadays, a great majority of children are found to be indulging in such activities. 

Their aversion for studies permits them neither to become politicians hor to get them oriented towards such tasks as would lead to their benefit or the benefit of the country. Nowadays, the partially educated but unemployed people of India are those very individuals who wasted their time in useless activities by defying the discipline of the student life. The same individuals met their waterloo when those golden times elapsed. 

Twenty to thirty years ago, the atmosphere of schools and colleges was not the same as it is today. During those time, teachers were also disciplined and so were students. The craze for tuitions was not so high  to reduce education in schools to almost a naught and force parents to send their children for tuitions. The relations between the student and teachers used to be the same as were between the child and his parents. Now, these relations are based on the economic system; whosoever give more money, becomes the favourite of his teacher or greedy tutor.

The India of Gandhiji's dreams cannot be built through such activities. During the past, students used to study in Gurukulas. Today, in the same country of sages, there is a glut of public schools. There is a supremacy of the English language in the entire country students, educated in these English schools, are taught to develop affection for the English civilisation and not for the Indian civilisation. 

आत्मनिर्भरता सफलता की सीढ़ी है

A need is  not felt to put them under discipline. Today, it is the effect of the western civilisation, which has led to the development of the severe separatist trends in Mizoram, Nagaland and Meghalaya. These are a gift of those students, in whose minds, feelings of patriotism are not imprinted. They deem themselves separate from India. 

प्रधानमंत्री जन औषधि योजना|| PMJAY

Because of being unconsecrated, they consider breaking the discipline of the nation  as their objective. In order to consolidate the spirit of discipline in students, there is a need to make fresh. It would not be possible to eliminate the tendency of indiscipline without effecting rudimentaly changes in the educational system.


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